Week Numero Dies y Siete

So the end is nye. All I’m doing this week is editing, although I’ve run into a few snags. I am supposed to have 30 poems, originally I only had 27 because I went back and edited some poems and posted those. Then, I found another one that I forgot about so that makes 28 poems. But last night I went through everything and organized all the poems I had. I put the poems that were commented on on top of a new copy of the poem, and I found that I was missing a few of the poems with comments and some new copies. So I think that everything will even out and I’ll end up with enough poems, but if not wish me luck because I gotta write new poems and edit those.

Thus far, I have edited two or three poems, most of which were revised while I was writing them, I started to edit one, and put the rest in a big organized pile. So that’s my pitiful progress ladies and gents. The organization thing helped though, it made everything about this process much less stressful.

I just didn’t have enough time to focus on the editing or even writing new poems because I had a huge research paper due today in AP English, and I want to get a good grade on that so it was my main focus for the last week or two. Now that is over and the next thing on my to-do list is editing these frickin poems. I hope it will be fun, but some of the poems I have to edit I never wanted to see again, sooooo.

That’s it I’m afraid, I haven’t much at all to say. Wish me luck with the editing and revising, also if you happen to go to the store, get me some tissues? I have a feeling that this next week is going to be rough….


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