Week Numero Dies y Siete

So the end is nye. All I’m doing this week is editing, although I’ve run into a few snags. I am supposed to have 30 poems, originally I only had 27 because I went back and edited some poems and posted those. Then, I found another one that I forgot about so that makes 28 poems. But last night I went through everything and organized all the poems I had. I put the poems that were commented on on top of a new copy of the poem, and I found that I was missing a few of the poems with comments and some new copies. So I think that everything will even out and I’ll end up with enough poems, but if not wish me luck because I gotta write new poems and edit those.

Thus far, I have edited two or three poems, most of which were revised while I was writing them, I started to edit one, and put the rest in a big organized pile. So that’s my pitiful progress ladies and gents. The organization thing helped though, it made everything about this process much less stressful.

I just didn’t have enough time to focus on the editing or even writing new poems because I had a huge research paper due today in AP English, and I want to get a good grade on that so it was my main focus for the last week or two. Now that is over and the next thing on my to-do list is editing these frickin poems. I hope it will be fun, but some of the poems I have to edit I never wanted to see again, sooooo.

That’s it I’m afraid, I haven’t much at all to say. Wish me luck with the editing and revising, also if you happen to go to the store, get me some tissues? I have a feeling that this next week is going to be rough….


Week Numero Dies y Seis

Soooooooooo. This week was a lot of editing for me. I edited my epic like a crazy lady and I edited a poem from last week. On top of that I’ve been editing my research paper, so lots of editing for mwah.

Finally, a final draft? Or it’s really a rough final draft, but hey, I finished it finally. My epic is turning out to be fantastic. I really like it and I’m really proud of it because I put so much time and effort into it. Maybe it is finally done, I mean I’m sure there will be some small things that need to be changed but in regards to structure and content I think I’m okay. I like the way Mother Nature turned out, she’s pretty bad ass if you ask me. But apparently my epic isn’t an epic. I read some craft notes about epics, and I discovered that epics are mostly journeys of epic heroes. And, while I have an epic hero, Mama Nature,  she doesn’t really go on a journey or quest. So yeah that’s it for my epic this week. I am quite positive that I am going to try to get it published!!

And for my second poem. I changed the name to “fly Bird.” because that it how the poem ends and I thought that it fit a little bit better than just “Bird.” I changed the setting to be during the day because it is rainy right now and I want some sun. 🙂 I like how it turned out, overall it’s a snazzy poem if I do say so myself. I added more details in so it was a bit longer because I felt like it needed to have a little more length. I kept the structure of no punctuation and no capitalization up until the very end. I’m not sure exactly why I did that, but it just felt like the right thing to do for the poem. I like it, I like my imagery in there.

Well, we only have a few more weeks to be chatting about my poetry. 😦 That’s upsetting because I love writing poetry for you all, and for myself. See you next week, until then, I hope you poetry in my absence.

fly Bird.

dark black feathers

swooshing across the ground

like midnight ink

dreams flying through the town

low across the building rooftops

rising under the sun

shadows cast upon the

bumpy cobblestone roads

people stare at your beauty and

ease of flight

oh take me with you

to that place you go

each night in your dreams

for i

like you

am stuck within these walls

too weak to jump

too small to fly high enough

i dream the dreams you dream

you and i are the same

we are trapped

so alone

but together

we can fly high enough

to get out of this place

because there is a better life

for me

and you

together we can fly away

high above the walls

that cage us in

because there is a better life

out there

for you

and for me 

let us lift our wings and fly Bird.

Destroyer of Moons (Final Draft?)

The deep sorrows of

the universe were melted

by its many moons.

The gentle, pale light

merging woes into

stars, turning the earth.

But the rise of suns

gave way to infinitely

more sorrows within.

And thus mankind is

born into reality

while Nature loses hope.

Mother is sickened.

Weaker and weaker she grows,

as man consumes her

in his life-long quest

for glory and riches:

he destroys all things.

Fire born from water.

He betrays Mother Nature

with his ignorance.

He burns the rivers,

and kills all the water

dwelling creatures.

Animals of the land

are driven from their homes,

in a search of

unburnt water,

that remains untouched by man’s

abundant foolishness.

But Mother turns away

from her true children, the

helpless creature of earth.

She does not help them,

for she has faith in mankind,

that he will douse

His own flame,

and reunite with his creator,

His Mother Nature.

Mankind takes advantage

of his loving Mother,

And continues to burn the rivers.

The creatures of earth

flee from their homes,

their safe havens.

When they suffer,

their Mother suffers more

as man destroys all things.

He will smite her,

and all of her children:

Everything she once held dear.

Mother knows she must

annihilate her sons and daughters

if the universe

is to endure time.

Man heeds no warning and still

he births fire from water.

In an attempt to

quench the flames, Mother descends

to meet her abomination.

Below, mankind lives

On still unaware of his pending


Winds whirl and wisp away

the innocent and the guilty.

The earth quakes under

his unburdened feet.

Cracks engulf the foolish without

remorse or compassion.

Mother punishes her children

for their painful betrayal.

No man shall live.

Through the night,

Mother tosses and turns,

sleepless in nightmares.

She is enraged by

the sins of her new creations,

and executes every soul.

No man shall live

through to see the end

of night or rise of suns.

The moons will prevail.

Mother ensures all sorrows

will melt along with

Man and his desolation.

The creatures hide from Mother,

they fear her wrath.

They know what it is

their beloved Mother can do

to her disobedient children.

As dawn arrives the

scene is illuminated.

Mother destroyed her

children and their

Wickedness. She sends them

to a dark hole where

Fire plagues the guilty,

as it had plagued their Mother.

Eternity will be

engulfed by the flames

of the foolish and the selfish.

Mother Nature reigns supreme.


Week Numero Qince

This week was absolute hellfire and damnation. I had to write an 8 page research paper, read Hemingway, write a paper on Hemingway, and poetry? Yeah it was really rough this week to try to poetry, so I used poems that I wrote last week. I wish I could go back there, last week was an inspiring time…

Anyway, we have things to discuss.

My first poem “Bird.” was written outside in our school courtyard. I saw this black bird swoop down into the courtyard and I was just inspired. I couldn’t figure out what to write about with my inspiration. So I wrote the word “bird” on this receipt I found in my book. The original copy of this poem is actually on a Toadstool receipt for Hemingway. Pretty great. So I imagined this happening at night in my mind’s eye, but I was writing it in the sun, so I was a little confused in my head. That was a struggle so I understand the confusing imagery. I personally like this poem, I like the idea, but I couldn’t execute well enough. Do better next time?

My second poem was also written in the courtyard, with my poem bff, Jules. In a way, I kind of wrote it for her. So yeah this is real personal. I love just spending time with her because she makes me feel better about myself and so happy, no homo. 😉 I tried to write my feeling down so I’m not sure how that went. Basically sunshine and happiness and yeah, rock n roll.

Well that’s about it for this week. I just cannot with poems this week, or life. I’m gunna be sick next week, so don’t expect anything too grand.

Also, sorry I didn’t work on the epic this week. There wasn’t enough time in the day, or night.


The music sounds like my soul:

each clap and tap and rhyme

mimicking the flow of the voices

in my heart, telling me to

join in the fun and leave

my worries behind;

to dance and sing;

to shine and be carried away

by the winds of change.

To change.

To enjoy the poems of the people I love,

and the beautiful personalities that

wrote them so tenderly.

To change. To listen to their voices,

the voices in my heart

telling me to leave my worries

behind and appreciate the

ever fleeting, awe-inspiring moments.


black feathers

swooshing across the ground

like midnight ink

flying through the town

low across the building rooftops

rising under the moon

shadows cast upon the

cobblestone roads

take me with you

to that place you go

each night in your dreams

for i

like you

am stuck within low bearing walls

too weak to jump

too small to fly high enough


we can fly high enough

to get out of this place

because there is a better life

for me

and you.