Week Numero Dies y Siete

So the end is nye. All I’m doing this week is editing, although I’ve run into a few snags. I am supposed to have 30 poems, originally I only had 27 because I went back and edited some poems and posted those. Then, I found another one that I forgot about so that makes 28 poems. But last night I went through everything and organized all the poems I had. I put the poems that were commented on on top of a new copy of the poem, and I found that I was missing a few of the poems with comments and some new copies. So I think that everything will even out and I’ll end up with enough poems, but if not wish me luck because I gotta write new poems and edit those.

Thus far, I have edited two or three poems, most of which were revised while I was writing them, I started to edit one, and put the rest in a big organized pile. So that’s my pitiful progress ladies and gents. The organization thing helped though, it made everything about this process much less stressful.

I just didn’t have enough time to focus on the editing or even writing new poems because I had a huge research paper due today in AP English, and I want to get a good grade on that so it was my main focus for the last week or two. Now that is over and the next thing on my to-do list is editing these frickin poems. I hope it will be fun, but some of the poems I have to edit I never wanted to see again, sooooo.

That’s it I’m afraid, I haven’t much at all to say. Wish me luck with the editing and revising, also if you happen to go to the store, get me some tissues? I have a feeling that this next week is going to be rough….


Week Numero Dies y Seis

Soooooooooo. This week was a lot of editing for me. I edited my epic like a crazy lady and I edited a poem from last week. On top of that I’ve been editing my research paper, so lots of editing for mwah.

Finally, a final draft? Or it’s really a rough final draft, but hey, I finished it finally. My epic is turning out to be fantastic. I really like it and I’m really proud of it because I put so much time and effort into it. Maybe it is finally done, I mean I’m sure there will be some small things that need to be changed but in regards to structure and content I think I’m okay. I like the way Mother Nature turned out, she’s pretty bad ass if you ask me. But apparently my epic isn’t an epic. I read some craft notes about epics, and I discovered that epics are mostly journeys of epic heroes. And, while I have an epic hero, Mama Nature,  she doesn’t really go on a journey or quest. So yeah that’s it for my epic this week. I am quite positive that I am going to try to get it published!!

And for my second poem. I changed the name to “fly Bird.” because that it how the poem ends and I thought that it fit a little bit better than just “Bird.” I changed the setting to be during the day because it is rainy right now and I want some sun. 🙂 I like how it turned out, overall it’s a snazzy poem if I do say so myself. I added more details in so it was a bit longer because I felt like it needed to have a little more length. I kept the structure of no punctuation and no capitalization up until the very end. I’m not sure exactly why I did that, but it just felt like the right thing to do for the poem. I like it, I like my imagery in there.

Well, we only have a few more weeks to be chatting about my poetry. 😦 That’s upsetting because I love writing poetry for you all, and for myself. See you next week, until then, I hope you poetry in my absence.

Week Numero diez

Well this week was fun! I’m actually feelin’ good about my poems this time around and I like the feeling. Let’s dig in, shall we?

I want to start with my ode. That was pretty funny, right? I wanted to compare broccoli to the tree of life and then this ode was born. I personally like the Old English style in this ode because it makes everything seem more serious and royal almost. Honestly, I don’t really like broccoli, but I wanted to make that comparison so I pretended that I loved it. I think my acting worked out in my favor, or should I say flavor? LOL that was bad, I know. Anyway, I worked hard on this ode. I tried to find all the right words and a fitting rhyme, and you have no idea how hard it is to decide whether I have to use thee, thy, or thine. In the end, it turned out pretty good so it was worth the struggles.

Okay and on to “Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires.” Did you guys know that this was a possible title for The Great Gatsby? That’s actually where I got my inspiration for this poem. We just read Gatsby in our English class so I had that time period in my mind a lot. Then I decided to write a poem about ash heaps and millionaires because that line inspired me. The poem is kind of a story. First, these people (we), go to a party with the millionaires in their “fortified domain.” Then I get into how everyone is doomed to become ash heaps, basically. I go back and forth from “we” to “they” on purpose because the is a distinction between the millionaires (they) and the other people who joined the party (we). I like this poem. I don’t have much else to say about it.

Well, that’s all for now folks! See you next week!!

Week Numero Ocho

I’m pretty sure I’m off with my week numbers, but it’s all good…

This week I felt totally inspired by nature and all that. (Btw I’m feeling much better thank you for asking.) “Rain, Rain” was actually an in-class assignment but I wanted to go farther with it. Basically I plagiarized myself, if that was a thing. Anyway, I love the rain. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting a hard surface, I love the smell, I love the darkness; I just love the rain. So out comes my poem. the message I was trying to get across is that we as people, don’t appreciate the fact that rain has a HUGE impact on our lives. No rain= no lives, get what I’m saying? I tried to portray my love and disappointment that comes when it rains.

“I Swam With Sharks Once” was inspired by my dog. Honestly, I saw him sitting and the phrase “I was a dog once” popped into my head. I understand this is silly but hey, it’s a good poem so what ever works. Obviously, I did not use this line. Actually, I wrote a whole first stanza about being a dog and that’s how I got this idea. (I nipped the dog stanza.) The purpose for this poem was just to put the teenage struggle into understandable words. The animal metaphors, when looked at next to the literal meaning, are supposed to make the connection drawn easier. Well that was an awkward way to put it, sorry guys.

Okie dokie that’s all I have to say about my poems this week.  Hope you can appreciate the depth in this weeks poems, I tried; you’re welcome. LOL See y’all soon! Good luck you fellow writers and you aspiring freelancers, chao chao for now and until then, don’t be a stranger.

Week Numero Siete

Wow. We are in week seven already! Time flies I guess, even not when you’re having fun (LOL jokes). Anyway, I’m wicked frickin’ sick this week so I’m sorry that my poems are not as deep as they usually are but I couldn’t get that far down because I can’t breath too well. Sooooo, yeah. (Almost had no repetition this week but the stupid SATs man, they tripped me up at 8 o’clock in the morning. But it wasn’t really my fault, you’ll see.)

Let’s start with “Ew.” I feel like this poem is way self explanatory. I am sick, and this is what I imagine other people are saying to me in their heads. And I’m almost positive that someone has said one of those things about me. I even say those things to myself, hence the poem.

Ok, on to “Bagels and SATs”. Well, one day in AP English we read “A Red Wheel Barrow” and we were given four boxes with the words “So much depends upon… ” I filled my boxes in lickady-split. Each stanza in the poem was one of the boxes that I filled in. We were supposed to go from life today, to this week, to this time in our lives, to existing in general. That’s why the poem got progressively deeper, but didn’t go too too deep. At this point, all I wanted was to eat my bagel and that is where I went inside the poem. I like how we had to mimic the structure of “A Red Wheel Barrow.” I thought it was cool so I posted it.

What else? Oh yeah, “All-American” LOL this poem gets me going every time I read it. I wrote this because everyone is always so offended at the stupidest stuff. I think I captured that in a funny way, but I also hope that who over reads it, will learn something about themselves. Whether you are one of those overly offended people or not, I wanted you guys to see whats going on from outside the box. So this poem was pretty deep I guess, but I wrote this in one of my prime poetry moments this week.

Ugh, still sick. See you people next week with better poems, hopefully. They might be deep, they may be shallow and funny, who knows at this point man. See y’all soon! Good luck you fellow writers and you aspiring freelancers, chao chao for now and until then, don’t be a stranger.

Week Numero Cuatro

Hello, hello my fellow people!

This week I tried to write more about myself. Honestly, it was really hard. A lot of the things I was trying to say just didn’t come out right. I tried really, really, really hard though (for you Julia). The thing, for me, when writing about myself, is that I need to feel inspired to write about what I’m feeling, thinking, doing. I only got that inspiration once this week, on a back road on the way to pick my little brother up from practice. The way that the trees  were lit up by the falling sun just spoke to me. This got me thinking about my childhood and how I was always outside. Then I realized that everything had changed, I didn’t go outside anymore, and I didn’t appreciate anything that nature had to offer. I’m quite proud of how I portrayed all my feelings into a single poem. I think it turned out pretty good. I titled this poem “My Napkin Poem” because I had no paper to write on when I got this crazy inspiration. Cool, right? I felt like a real artist at work.

My other two poems are too forced. I feel like they are both sort of awkward and rushed. I’m not in love with either of them, if I’m being honest. I slaved over these poems for hours and they still turned out not-so-hot. I’m thinking that we forget they were written? I mean next week I’ll bounce back, but you’ve gotta cut me some slack; I just came back from Florida.

I apologize for the length of this blog post – I know it’s pretty short. I suppose I just don’t have too much to say about an awesome poem and two “okay” poems.

I hope my amazzzing insight inspired you. Well that’s it for now folks! See you on the flip side (LOL that was super cliché). Good luck you fellow writers and you aspiring freelancers, chao chao for now and until then, don’t be a stranger.