Week Numero catorce

So this week is tough and it’s only Wednesday. I just have so much homework and other things to do. Ugh, such a struggle.

Anyway, shall we poetry?

My first poem is the mildly depressing poem called “Don’t Worry.” I say it’s depressing because of why I wrote it. I wrote it to cheer myself up because lately I’ve been feeling like I try really hard at everything I do, but nothing comes of it. For instance, I tried to qualify for a state meet in track yesterday. I worked all season toward it, and guess who didn’t make it? I wrote this poem in the midst of an emotional breakdown. I just needed to know that everything was going to be okay and that my hard work would pay off because it’s exhausting. I kill myself slaving over everything I do and it’s stressful never mind hard, or mentally and physically taxing. So yeah, that poem is good for that.

My second poem is part three of “Destroyer of Moon.” This week’s edition is actually good. I really like how it is turning out so far. I want to go back next week and ad in some more detail of the whole destruction thing, but I think the end is near. I changed the “hero” to Mother Nature because she is so bad ass and I think she is a beautiful opportunity to destroy mankind. 🙂 So love for Mama there. I haven’t made up my mind whether or not mankind will totally be destroyed or if Mother will let one or two good humans live to repopulate. Not sure yet, suggestions?

That’s all for this week. If you guys don’t mind, send me some good vibes? Thanks! We shall reconvene next week to poetry again.


Destroyer of Moons part 3

The deep sorrows of
the universe were melted
by its many moons.

The gentle, pale light
melting sorrows into
stars, turning the earth.

But the rise of suns
gave way to infinitely
more sorrows within.

And thus mankind is
born into reality
while Nature loses hope.

Mother is sickened.
Weaker and weaker she grows,
as man destroys her

in his life-long quest
for glory and riches:
he destroys all things.

Fire born from water.
He betrays Mother Nature
with his ignorance.

He will smite her,
and everything she once held dear,
if he does not stop.

Mother knows she must
annihilate her sons and daughters
if the universe

is to endure time.
Man heeds no warning and still
he births fire from water.

In an attempt to
quench the flames, Mother descends
to meet her abomination.

Below, mankind lives
on, unaware of his pending

Winds whirl and wisp away
the innocent and the guilty.
The earth quakes under

his feet.
Cracks engulf the foolish without
remorse or compassion.

Mother punishes her children
for their painful betrayal.
No one man shall live.

As dawn arrives the
terrific scene is illuminated.
Mother destroyed her

children and their wickedness.
Corpses of the guilty were taken,
while the innocent were sparred.

Along the only water
flowing river their bodies
were sent.

Fire plagued the guilty,
as it had plagued their Mother.
Eternity will be

engulfed by the flames
of the foolish and the selfish.
Mother Nature reins supreme.

Don’t Worry

Your plan will work

don’t worry,

the struggles you cry about today

are temporary.

You are good enough.

In fact, you are the best around.

No can ever bring you down.

Not after all your hard work,

the long hours you spent preparing,

or the dark nights when you cried yourself to sleep.

You’re the best around.

Tomorrow you will understand,

you will understand why you did what you do,

you will understand that the pain was a necessary evil,

to platform your launch into greatness.

That’s when you’ll see

that the hard work paid off.

You just have to get through today,

ans tomorrow will be a breeze.

Week Numero trece

Hello my people! And thank you for this warm welcome back into the land of the living!! I had an AP English exam today that absolutely killed my hand, and my brain no less. Anyway we must begin our quest into the land of poetry.

Lets start with the “ABC’s” one. As I’m sure you can tell, it was part two of a larger poem at work. Basically the entire poem is about the inner workings of a gang, just with alliteration and wordy words. I super love this poem. Probably because I worked so hard on it, I mean I started the first half of it last year around this time. Granted I wasn’t working the whole time on the poem but I think you get the jist of what I’m saying. I have nothing else to say, I just love that poem. (Oh, there’s this poetry contest, think I should submit it??)

And we shall venture onward in our quest to poetry. So the epic isn’t actually that bad. I really wasn’t sure where to go next, and it’s an epic so it has to be long and awesome and I just wasn’t sure about anything. I think that the Anshar lady, who is actually the Egyptian goddess of the sky, was kinda weird. I got the idea from someone to do a hero-thing so I thought I need a god in here. So I put a goddess in there, because women, and it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. After conspiring with my poetry bud, we decided that Mother Nature would totally be kick ass. So next week I’m going to be doing some revising and put some more mama in there.

So far so good this week 🙂 I haven’t gotten sick yet so that’s awesome for me. (I get sick a lot; like every weekend no joke.) So “yay meeeeeeeeeee!!” See you people next week, don’t miss me too much 😉

Destroyer of Moons (continued)

The deep sorrows of

the universe were melted

by its many moons.

But the rise of suns

gave way to infinitely

more sorrows within.

And thus mankind was

born into reality

while Nature loses hope.

Mother is sickened.

Weaker and weaker she grows,

as man smites all things.

For man would become

creator of all evils,

Destroyer of moons.

He will smite all moons

the universe once held dear,

Leaving only dust.

In his life-long quest

for glory and riches:

he destroys all things.

Awakened by man

Is the first born of the sky,

Heir to rule all realms.

A misanthropic

deity stirred by the sun,

Longing for lost moons.

The gentle, pale light

melting sorrows to

starts, turning the earth.

The moons are destroyed

by man, his sun and his lies;

Fire born from water.

The goddess Anshar

becomes enthralled by mankind’s

extreme ignorance.

In an attempt to

quench the flames, the goddess Anshar

descends to meet man.

ABCs of Disobedience pt. 2

Opprobrious Objects are often overthrown

Probably too powerfully proud for pupils

Quickly questioning their quarreling quarries

Ripening ripples of reason and revolution

Suddenly starting a state of strife

Taking turns telling truths untold

Underestimating his unrighteous undertakings

Viciously vitiating their vehemence violence

Winning wars, Wasting workers

Xenial xenicetisis, but xenophobic behavior

Opprobrious Objects are often overthrown

Taking turns telling truths untold

Yonder youth, yelling to live life yet

Zealous zonking after zestful zombification

Week Numero Doce

So this week was a deep week for me and my poetry, I think I’m starting to get back into the hang of it all.

The first poem I want to talk about is the untitled one. It was originally a class assignment where we had to make a teacher become the student. It was suppose to be a fiction exercise  but I write poetry so I rebelled and wrote a poem instead. This poem is the first of its kind for me. I had never written a poem with characters and dialogue before and it was a fun experience. I liked getting to incorporate voices other than my own. I was inspired to write this poem by my dad. He was born premature and needed oxygen to survive. Due to the lack of oxygen at birth, he went pretty much blind (he has a -8.something prescription which is very bad). He doesn’t need oxygen tubes or anything like that but I thought that adding the tubes made it more dramatic. The poem inside a poem idea was pretty cool, right? I’m proud of that. I really like it.

The second poem this week was “Fast Car.” All day I’ve been singing that song because of the title. Anyway, I got inspired to write this poem in the car on my way home from work on Monday night. It was a little rainy and the oncoming headlights illuminated the raindrops on my windshield. I was soo inspired that I turned off my music and started coming up with the poem out loud. Don’t worry, I was alone so it wasn’t awkward or anything. I’m not sure how I came up with the message for this poem, but I think it’s kinda cool. I wanted to comment on how fast paced everything is in our lives and how no one really stops to take a look around. I might add more to it and repost it sometime because I feel like it needed to be longer.

So yeah, poetry, rain, and the like. (I should write a poem about that! Just inspired myself 🙂 )