fly Bird.

dark black feathers

swooshing across the ground

like midnight ink

dreams flying through the town

low across the building rooftops

rising under the sun

shadows cast upon the

bumpy cobblestone roads

people stare at your beauty and

ease of flight

oh take me with you

to that place you go

each night in your dreams

for i

like you

am stuck within these walls

too weak to jump

too small to fly high enough

i dream the dreams you dream

you and i are the same

we are trapped

so alone

but together

we can fly high enough

to get out of this place

because there is a better life

for me

and you

together we can fly away

high above the walls

that cage us in

because there is a better life

out there

for you

and for meĀ 

let us lift our wings and fly Bird.


Don’t Worry

Your plan will work

don’t worry,

the struggles you cry about today

are temporary.

You are good enough.

In fact, you are the best around.

No can ever bring you down.

Not after all your hard work,

the long hours you spent preparing,

or the dark nights when you cried yourself to sleep.

You’re the best around.

Tomorrow you will understand,

you will understand why you did what you do,

you will understand that the pain was a necessary evil,

to platform your launch into greatness.

That’s when you’ll see

that the hard work paid off.

You just have to get through today,

ans tomorrow will be a breeze.