The music sounds like my soul:

each clap and tap and rhyme

mimicking the flow of the voices

in my heart, telling me to

join in the fun and leave

my worries behind;

to dance and sing;

to shine and be carried away

by the winds of change.

To change.

To enjoy the poems of the people I love,

and the beautiful personalities that

wrote them so tenderly.

To change. To listen to their voices,

the voices in my heart

telling me to leave my worries

behind and appreciate the

ever fleeting, awe-inspiring moments.


Don’t Worry

Your plan will work

don’t worry,

the struggles you cry about today

are temporary.

You are good enough.

In fact, you are the best around.

No can ever bring you down.

Not after all your hard work,

the long hours you spent preparing,

or the dark nights when you cried yourself to sleep.

You’re the best around.

Tomorrow you will understand,

you will understand why you did what you do,

you will understand that the pain was a necessary evil,

to platform your launch into greatness.

That’s when you’ll see

that the hard work paid off.

You just have to get through today,

ans tomorrow will be a breeze.